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ISSA Winter National Make-up Factsheet

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6th ISSA Winter National Championships (Make-Up)

April 5-6, 2014
Manassas, Virginia USA

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The 6th ISSA Winter National Championships  (www.seniorsoftball.org)


April 5th & 6th , 2014 (Saturday and Sunday)


Manassas Area Complexes (Valley View Park, Fairmont Park, etc.)


This is the make-up for the 6th Annual ISSA Winter Nationals that was rained out in October 2013 at Virginia Beach.  It will be played in conjunction with the Lester Leonard Invitational.

Ticket Prices: Admission to all venues is FREE.

No charge for parking, adequate parking is available at the parks.

Managers Meeting: Managers should report to their scheduled field one-hour before their first game to obtain tournament materials and instructions.
Host Hotel: Best Western Battlefield Inn, 10820 Balls Ford Road, Manassas, VA 20109 703-361-8000
Team Check-in:

The senior men's teams check-in together (Manager should bring the original signed roster). Photo ID's (drivers license) are needed for the player check-in.

Tournament Seeding:

The tournament staff will place the teams in brackets and prepare the modified double elimination schedule.  Team's first game time will be posted on the website approximately three days prior to the tournament.   The double elimination bracket will be modified so that all teams that lose their first two games continue in the losers bracket to guarantee them three games in the tournament. 

First Game: April 5th , the games may begin at 9:00AM on Saturday at each venue. Divisions will end on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon depending on the number of teams.
Tournament Director:

RB Thomas, Jr., 703-368-1188 or cell 571-436-9704

9114 I-Beam Lane, Manassas, VA 20110 

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Online Entry completed and mail Entry Fee by March 28, 2014
(Exceptions only for the benefit of the tournament)

Rosters Due: The ISSA Roster Form must be submitted by March 28 (player signatures can be added at the check-in).  Managers are requested to bring their roster (must use the ISSA Roster Form) with original player signatures to the team ID check-in. 
Divisions of Play:

Teams will be placed in skill level divisions based on their ISSA Rating and verified by the tournament staff. However, some brackets could be combined to equalize the competition as tournament staff determines to be appropriate given the age and skill level of the entries.  (This event will not follow the normal and customary team bracketing used at all other ISSA Tournaments.)


The awards prepared for the Virginia Beach tournament will be presented to the teams at this make-up event. Team awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place finishers in each division.  Individual awards (T-shirts) will also be given to the players on the top three teams.  The players selected for the All-World Team will receive awards as well.  Photos of the top three finishing teams will be posted on the ISSA Website as well as all the individuals receiving awards.  (Other teams requesting a team photo will also be posted on the website.)  Teams are requested to come to the "awards table" in uniform when exiting the tournament for awards and photos.


The entry fee for men's senior teams (who do not have the free berth from Virginia Beach) is $300.00.  (No charge for teams that paid the Entry Fee for the Virginia Beach tournament and received the $300 credit for another 2014 ISSA tournament.)


T-shirts and other apparel will be for sale at each venue.


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